Billet and Bar Forging

Forging and rolling are two different but complementary processes with a singular goal: To give metal shape and form, often as an interim step for more refined processing to follow. Induction forging requires compressive force applied to metal in hot, warm or cold states. Rolling—performed to reduce the thickness of the metal and to achieve uniformity of thickness across it—is a process in which metal is forced through one or more sets of rollers to affect its shape.

With either induction forging or rolling, the two most critical elements are the ability to control temperature and to maintain consistency of temperature throughout the process. Inductotherm Group companies are experts in the design and engineering of advanced furnaces and computer-controlled systems for the efficient and precise heating of billets, bars, blooms and slabs, prior to rolling or forging.

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Billet and Bar Forging

Boost Induction Heater

Boost Induction Heaters

The Banyard Boost Induction Heater has established itself as a low cost, highly compact, induction boost taper heater for use with either gas or induction pre-heaters. Using a servo-controlled billet positioning system to control both accuracy and speed, the Boost Induction Heater enables extruders to boost billet temperature and line speed, with a consequent increasehttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/boost-induction-heaters/...

Horizontal Billet Heaters (nonferrous)

Horizontal Billet Heaters (nonferrous)

Inductotherm Group’s development of phase synchronized multi-zone power modules has made accurate static taper heating possible. A static taper heating coil is divided into a number of independently controlled zones, each with its own thermocouples executing its own power profile. This enables optimum temperature control. Synchronization of the modules ensures that there is a seamlesshttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/horizontal-billet-heaters-nonferrous/...

Modular Bar Heaters

Modular Induction Bar Heating Systems

Inductoforge® modular bar heaters are revolutionary products for the forging industry. The flexible modular design allows the forge shop to assemble an induction system that exactly matches its application requirements. The powerful combination of advanced engineering, product innovation and over 55 years of experience in induction heating has made Inductoforge® systems the world leader inhttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/modular-induction-bar-heating-systems/...

Inductoheat Modular Forge Heaters

Modular Induction Billet Heating Systems

Inductotherm Group companies manufacture the InductoForge® modular billet heater, the latest design in a generation of industrially-proven systems, built to thrive in aggressive forging environments.  The InductoForge® heater features the IHAZ™ Temperature Profile Modeling computer program, designed to identify and store an advanced temperature control best-suited to each application.  Inductotherm Group companies also manufacture InductoForgehttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/modular-induction-billet-heating-systems/...

Induction Hardening

Rail and Mill Roll Hardening

Mill Roll Hardening Systems are becoming increasingly popular with the expanding development of cold mills which subject the rolls to high stresses. For the surface heating of steel parts, induction heating is considered to be the application best suited for this. Induction heating has many applications and is especially effective in hardening rolling mill rolls. Railhttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/rail-and-mill-roll-hardening/...

Slab Heaters

Slab, Bloom and Transfer Bar Heaters

Our high-power density Slab, Bloom and Transfer Bar Heaters provide efficient and cost-effective technologies to bring surfaces to the optimal temperatures required for forming, rolling or forging. Metals which are susceptible to oxidation and scale formation such as titanium, if heated above certain temperatures, can be accurately heated using induction heating, thus increasing yield andhttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/slab-bloom-and-transfer-bar-heaters/...

Vertical Billet Heating

Vertical Billet Heaters

Banyard Vertical Steel Induction (VSI) systems have been designed for the precise vertical induction heating of solid or pierced billets and tubes. These systems heat billet diameters from 150mm to 460mm, and lengths from 300mm to 1500mm. Benefits include better temperature distribution, ability to vary the temperature profile along the billet length, and no billethttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/vertical-billet-heaters/...

Banyard Zero Friction Aluminum Billet Heater

Zero Friction Billet Heaters

Banyard brand induction heating systems feature special mechanical handling technology designed specifically to address the needs of the aluminium micro-tubing sector. The Banyard solution enables aluminum billet transport with virtually zero friction. This is achieved by effectively minimizing the area of contact with the billet at all stages of the process. Smooth movement is alsohttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/zero-friction-billet-heaters/...


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