Strip Heating and Coating

Coating lines in metal processing operations — in widths from as small as 18 inches to over 60 inches — are incredibly varied in how they are configured, in the speeds with which they run, and in the types of coatings they apply to metal. However, there is at least one common denominator: Heat. Virtually every coating line involves one or more curing ovens to assure the uniform, quality adhesion of primer and finish coatings to the metal substrate.

Whether you are producing the coated roof of a commercial building, the crumple-zone safety cage of an automobile or the anti-fingerprint surface of a stainless-steel appliance, Inductotherm Group companies can provide your coating line with the world’s most leading-edge induction technologies.

Strip Heating and Coating

Galvanizing Pots

As the world leader in induction melting technology, Inductotherm Group companies design and manufacture the industry’s most advanced systems for working with zinc and zinc alloys. We offer a full line of high performance galvanizing pots for coating applications, including specially-designed coating pots, pre-melting pots and emergency holding pots....


Strip Heaters

Inductotherm brand equipment brings the world’s most advanced induction heating technology to continuous annealing and coating lines. Equipment includes in-line strip annealing systems, strip heaters, edge heaters, galvanneal heaters, boost heaters, tin reflow systems, paint dryers and anti-fingerprint systems. By adding induction technology to their process lines, customers can significantly reduce yield losses and increase …