Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry—which includes power from bioenergy, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, wind and more—continues to build momentum around the world as nations and governments seek to both reduce the impact of activities which are driving climate change and enhance their energy security.  According to some sources, the renewable energy sector will soon account for more than 26% of global power generation.

Inductotherm Group companies are poised for greater and greater participation in this energy generation trend, especially in those countries and regions where government policy and economic conditions are driving growth.

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Induction Melting Furnaces

Inductotherm brand coreless melting furnaces provide superior performance and outstanding durability for all your melt shop needs, regardless of the size of your foundry. Inductotherm Group companies offer a range of furnace sizes from small induction melting furnaces that meet the demanding requirements of investment casters, specialty foundries and the precious metals industry, to heavyhttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/induction-melting-furnaces/...


Flying Saws

Inductotherm Group companies offer a range of flying cold and friction saws to meet your tube and pipe cutting requirements. Alpha flying cold saws provide a near burr-free cut. Both single and multiple head designs are available for small or large product, or product which is reshaped into squares or rectangles. Blade surface speed ishttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/flying-saws/...


High Frequency (HF) Welders

Thermatool is the world’s leading brand in induction welding equipment. With two decades of success in solid state technology, and over fifty years of process knowledge, Thermatool solid state high frequency welders are the most advanced, reliable, field-proven welders available in the world today. Thermatool solid state welding units are designed to handle load fluctuations,https://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/high-frequency-hf-welders/...


High Speed Flying Shears

Alpha® flying shears are the fastest, most efficient and accurate tube cutting systems available in the world today. Alpha flying shears provide a patented double-cut die set which enables producers to cut dimple-free, ready for market products directly off the mill. Inductotherm Group companies offers a full range of Alpha flying shears for nearly allhttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/high-speed-flying-shears/...


Electromagnetic Cold Crucible (EMCC)

Electromagnetic Cold Crucible (EMCC) is an innovative process utilizing a segmented water-cooled copper crucible for refractory-free induction melting within a vacuum or controlled atmosphere. Melting in a water-cooled copper crucible eliminates the possibility of contamination from the fused silica solar crucible. The copper crucible is made up of water-cooled segments or “fingers.” The magnetic fieldhttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/electromagnetic-cold-crucible-emcc/...


Vacuum Cap Furnaces (VCAP)

The VCAP furnace is designed for Induction Melting a solid charge in an air atmosphere (or vacuum), with final degassing stage under vacuum. The final pouring of the metal is performed in air or under protective atmosphere of inert gas. Configuration is based on the Inductotherm brand of steel shell induction furnaces which are fully adaptedhttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/vacuum-cap-furnaces-vcap/...


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