While it may not be the first precious metal that comes to mind, silver takes a back seat to nothing else in properties that make it ideal for diverse industrial applications. To start, no other metal conducts heat and electricity as well as silver does. It has multiple applications in medicine and dentistry for its non-toxic, antimicrobial characteristics. And it is beautiful, with a high luster and incredible reflectivity that frequently make it the metal of choice for jewelry, silverware, mirrors and other decorative applications.

Today, manufacturers use silver in soldering and brazing, and in the creation of everything from batteries to LED chips, from nuclear reactors to semiconductors, from solar energy panels to water purification systems.

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Rail and Mill Roll Hardening

Mill Roll Hardening Systems are becoming increasingly popular with the expanding development of cold mills which subject the rolls to high stresses. For the surface heating of steel parts, induction heating is considered to be the application best suited for this. Induction heating has many applications and is especially effective in hardening rolling mill rolls. Railhttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/rail-and-mill-roll-hardening/...


Slab, Bloom and Transfer Bar Heaters

Our high-power density Slab, Bloom and Transfer Bar Heaters provide efficient and cost-effective technologies to bring surfaces to the optimal temperatures required for forming, rolling or forging. Metals which are susceptible to oxidation and scale formation such as titanium, if heated above certain temperatures, can be accurately heated using induction heating, thus increasing yield andhttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/slab-bloom-and-transfer-bar-heaters/...


Modular Induction Billet Heating Systems

Inductotherm Group companies manufacture the InductoForge® modular billet heater, the latest design in a generation of industrially-proven systems, built to thrive in aggressive forging environments.  The InductoForge® heater features the IHAZ™ Temperature Profile Modeling computer program, designed to identify and store an advanced temperature control best-suited to each application.  Inductotherm Group companies also manufacture InductoForgehttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/modular-induction-billet-heating-systems/...


Modular Induction Bar Heating Systems

Inductoforge® modular bar heaters are revolutionary products for the forging industry. The flexible modular design allows the forge shop to assemble an induction system that exactly matches its application requirements. The powerful combination of advanced engineering, product innovation and over 55 years of experience in induction heating has made Inductoforge® systems the world leader inhttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/modular-induction-bar-heating-systems/...


Induction Bar Heaters

Inductoheat® induction bar-end heating equipment is available for many sizes and shapes of parts. Multiple bar ends can be heated using differing types of induction coils. The powerful combination of advanced engineering, product innovation and over 55 years experience in induction heating has made Inductoheat® brand equipment the leader in billet and bar heating equipment....


ARMS® (Automated Robotic Melt Shop Systems)

Inductotherm Group companies are the first to develop and manufacture an innovative automated robotic melt shop system, called the ARMS™ System. The ARMS System replaces the furnace operator on the open melt deck with a foundry robot that has integrated charging, slag removal, tool handling and remote viewing systems. This allows the furnace operator tohttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/arms-automated-robotic-melt-shop-systems/...


Automated Pouring Systems

Inductotherm brand automated pouring systems for foundries and melt shops are designed for maximum productivity. They provide the higher levels of pouring accuracy required to eliminate quality robbing under-pours and metal wasting over-pours....


Induction Holding Furnaces

Inductotherm Group companies manufacture two types of advanced holding systems: Channel furnaces and Mini-Heel™ furnaces. Both offer true volume flexibility for continuous and batch duplexing, and can maintain a continuous supply of metal ready to pour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week....


Induction Melting Furnaces

Inductotherm brand coreless melting furnaces provide superior performance and outstanding durability for all your melt shop needs, regardless of the size of your foundry. Inductotherm Group companies offer a range of furnace sizes from small induction melting furnaces that meet the demanding requirements of investment casters, specialty foundries and the precious metals industry, to heavyhttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/induction-melting-furnaces/...


Line Frequency Systems for Shrink Fitting

IROSS™ Line Frequency Systems contain flux concentrators that utilize patented technology for yielding superior temperature uniformity. These units are used in a wide variety of applications, including shrink fitting for shafts and gears, pipe-end annealing, preheat for welding, camshaft gear assembly, crankshaft gear assembly, and shrink fitting of large differential gears....


Galvanizing Pots

As the world leader in induction melting technology, Inductotherm Group companies design and manufacture the industry’s most advanced systems for working with zinc and zinc alloys. We offer a full line of high performance galvanizing pots for coating applications, including specially-designed coating pots, pre-melting pots and emergency holding pots....


Strip Heaters

Inductotherm brand equipment brings the world’s most advanced induction heating technology to continuous annealing and coating lines. Equipment includes in-line strip annealing systems, strip heaters, edge heaters, galvanneal heaters, boost heaters, tin reflow systems, paint dryers and anti-fingerprint systems. By adding induction technology to their process lines, customers can significantly reduce yield losses and increasehttps://www.inductothermgroup.com/products/strip-heaters/...


Vacuum Induction Melting Furnaces (VIM)

Consarc brand equipment includes a variety of Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) furnaces, including Electrode VIM systems, Master Alloy VIM systems, and small R&D systems. A wide variety of configurations are available to match customer requirements....