Rail and Mill Roll Hardening

Mill Roll Hardening Systems are becoming increasingly popular with the expanding development of cold mills which subject the rolls to high stresses. For the surface heating of steel parts, induction heating is considered to be the application best suited for this. Induction heating has many applications and is especially effective in hardening rolling mill rolls.

Rail Hardening Systems have specially designed inductors which are used to heat the head of the rail and control the depth of hardening of the treated surface. Control of power and frequency optimizes heat treatment results. These systems include pre-programmed ramping of power to homogenize the temperature over the length of the rail and retractable inductor carriage for ease of maintenance.

Induction heating is the process best suited to the surface heating of steel parts. This technique has many applications, especially in hardening rolling mill rolls, where it is particularly effective. Induction heating has greatly contributed to improvements in hardening depth with a subsequent improvement in the distribution of residual stresses.

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