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No matter what you need to melt, heat treat, forge, roll, cut or weld, you can do it better with the advanced technologies and equipment produced by Inductotherm Group. 60 years of engineering advancements have brought us to where we are today: the recognized leader in thermal processing, known around the world by name, by reputation and by trust in our 10 global brands and the hundreds of exceptional products they represent.

October 16, 2019

2 Part Series: Troubleshooting and Prevention of Cracking in Induction Hardening of Steels

For real-world needs, producers of induction heating equipment should have the experience and analysis necessary to help heat-treat practitioners with specific problems.

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Innovative Spring Wire Induction Temper Lines


Radyne spring wire induction temper lines are revolutionizing the spring wire industry.

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Our Ten Global Brands

Customers around the world count on Inductotherm Group companies for the most advanced thermal processing equipment and systems ever made.  Learn more here about the ten global brands that help define the thermal processing industry . . . Inductotherm, Consarc, Inductoheat, Inductoforge, Radyne, Thermatool, Alpha, Banyard, Inductoscan, iRoss.