June 7th, 2019

Reader asks, ‘How do I select inductors for billet heating?

This month’s column features the answer to a question submitted by a Professor Induction reader. The “Systematic Analysis of Induction Coil Failures” series will continue in the next issue of Heat Treating Progress. Part 12 of the series will discuss failure analysis of induction coils used to heat a workpiece’s internal areas.

Question: We are planning to replace a gas-fired furnace used to heat large steel billets with an induction heater. Should we go with a vertical or a horizontal inductor arrangement?

Answer: Induction heating is widely used to heat metals prior to hot forming by forging, upsetting, rolling, extrusion, and other methods. 1–3 Billets are heated either in cut lengths or continuously and are forged in presses, hammers, or upsetters, or are extruded.