June 7th, 2019

Induction Heating and Heat Treating of Fasteners

by: Justin Mortimer, Dr. Valery Rudnev and Andrew Bernhard Radyne Corp.

An Inductotherm Group Company
211 W Boden St.
Milwaukee, WI 53207 USA

In the past decade, heating by means of electromagnetic induction has become an increasingly popular process applied in numerous applications including the fastener industry 1 . Induction heating offers rapid, high intensity, contactless heat generation directly in the surface and subsurface of the fastener at well-defined regions on and in the workpiece. This is a very attractive feature of this technology leading to high productivity with repeatable quality. Highly controllable heat intensities that range from moderate rates (e.g., as low as 3°C to 5°C/s for some tempering applications) to high heat intensities (e.g., exceeding 800°C/s in hardening applications) allow the implementation of optimal process recipes.