Induction Brazing and Soldering Systems

Radyne brazing and soldering systems offer permanent and strong metal-to-metal joints with three primary benefits.

  1. Flexibility: Brazing is the joining of metals by use of heat and filler metals. As the most versatile method of joining metals, brazed joints are strong, ductile, easy and quick to make, suited to the joining of dissimilar and similar metals, and the result of a one-operation process.
  2. Economy: Highly adaptable to automated methods, brazing as a process allows you to match your production output to your requirements to decrease or eliminate waste.
  3. Strength: Rigid and resistant to shock and vibration, brazing creates a metallurgical joint, at the molecular level, between the filler metal and the surfaces of the metals being joined. Radyne induction brazing equipment offers repeatable brazing for tubing, radiators, heat exchangers and more.

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