September 4th, 2019

Equipment Selection for Induction Hardening: Single-Shot Hardening – Part 2

A conventional single-shot inductor consists of two legs and two crossover segments, also known as bridges, “horseshoes,” or half-loops [1]. The induced eddy currents under the legs primarily flow along the length of the part (longitudinally/axially) with the exception of the regions of the workpiece located under the crossover segments where the flow of the eddy current is half circumferential. Unlike scanning inductors, traditional designs of single-shot inductors can be quite complicated.

With a predominantly longitudinal eddy current flow, the heat uniformity in the diameter change areas of the stepped shafts is dramatically improved and the tendency of corners and shoulders to be overheated is reduced significantly compared to applying a single-turn or multi-turn solenoid coils commonly used in scan hardening and continuous/progressive hardening.

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