June 7th, 2019

Computer Modeling of Induction Heating: Things to be Aware of, Things to Avoid

Dr. Valery Rudnev – Inductoheat, Inc.; Madison Heights, Mich.

In the last decade, when discussing subjects related to a computer simulation of induction heating, the word “usefulness” has been replaced by the word “necessity.” Modern computer simulation is capable of effectively simulating electromagnetic and thermal phenomena for many processes, including those that involve electromagnetic induction.

By combining advanced software with a sophisticated engineering background, induction heating pprofessionals possess the unique ability to analyze, in few hours, complex technological problems that could take days or even weeks to solve by running experiments or through physical modeling using the pilot models. Simulation provides the ability to predict how different, interrelated and nonlinear factors may impact the transitional and final thermal conditions. Simulation also helps to determine what must be accomplished to improve the effectiveness of the process, choose the most appropriate process recipes and serve as a comfort factor when designing new systems.