Quench and Temper Bar and Tube Equipment

Thermatool™ Quench and Temper lines can process 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 tons per hour for Austenitizing, Quench and Temper utilizing induction, gas, or electric furnaces coupled with the Thermatool™ Precision Quench™. Thermatool™ Quench and Temper lines feature Solid State Induction power supplies and a patented high-technology modular PrecisionSlot™ Quench. To be effective, these lines require the ability to deliver uniformly heated material to achieve optimum product straightness and consistent metallurgical transformation according to application requirements. Our equipment utilizes SmartHeat™ closed-loop temperature control to provide industry-leading process control capabilities and recipe storage and retrieval. Backed by in-depth process and materials knowledge, Thermatool™ Quench and Temper lines are able to meet demanding application requirements for API® products and proprietary grades of tube, pipe and bar in lengths over 1.8 m (8 ft).

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