Single and Multi-Wire Induction Heating Systems

By improving efficiency and reducing energy costs, induction heating puts energy savings directly into your product. Radyne brand wire, rod and cable systems—available in both standard and custom designs—are built for a broad range of applications including spring wire, steel hardening and tempering, coating, annealing, and preheating for extrusion. Market demand for a quality finish has made induction heating equipment a necessity. Offering continuous in-line wire heating that is fast, clean and energy efficient, induction heating with Radyne equipment is the ideal stainless steel annealing method for achieving a high quality finish on products.

Radyne turnkey systems start up and shut down virtually instantly, have the precision control to match your mill speed, require minimal maintenance, and provide uniform metallurgical quality along the entire length of your final product. System economies make Radyne a smart choice for both dedicated, in-line production and for high mix, small quantity specialty runs.

Aftermarket Services

All of Inductotherm Group’s subsidiary companies service specific needs for services and products. But for several companies in Inductotherm Group, providing aftermarket services is their primary business.

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