April 8th, 2021

PEASA Continues Thermatool Partnership in Highly Competitive Automotive and Construction Industries

PEASA, the fastest growing and largest conduit mill in Mexico, has formally continued its partnership with Thermatool by selecting Thermatool equipment for PEASA’s HF welding, heating, cutting, and galvanizing processes.

“We are very satisfied to work with Thermatool as a partner,” said Mauricio Autrique Ruiz at PEASA. “With Thermatool equipment, we have been able to develop many different tubes in different grades for the highly demanding automotive industry. Lately we have installed equipment for modern high strength steels and a low relation diameter-wall thickness (RD6), and the Thermatool HF Welder supports our needs to product this.”

PEASA continues to rely on the technology and reliability of Thermatool equipment for over four decades. “Thermatool Corp. is committed to PEASA and all of their customers to help them maximize their production and profitability for the life of the equipment,” said Kris Livermore, a Thermatool Director. “PEASA has been working with Thermatool Solid State Technology for the past two decades and they continue to grow their diverse tube divisions with the highest quality specialized automotive tubing and conduit available in North America.”

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