Mar 19, 2018

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High Duty Castings Installs Inductotherm Melting System

High Duty Automotive, a division of High Duty Castings, has installed an Inductotherm Melting System that includes an 850 kW Power Trak VIP® & Power Supply with a 2,000 kg Dura-Line Furnace.

According to Fred Venter, director of High Duty Castings, the High Duty Automotive division “primarily casts safety critical components for the automotive industry.”

“More importantly we continue to invest in our manufacturing equipment to increase quality and save on production time. In September 2017 we installed an Inductotherm 850 kW solid state power supply with a 2 MT capacity coreless melting furnace and the auxiliary equipment used in the melting of iron,” says Venter.

Source: castingssa.com

Venter continues, “the power system used to supply and control the energy for melting combines the most recent engineering technology. The basic VIP® design, which for years has proven to be so dependable, has been further enhanced with the ability to withstand melt load and power line fluctuations while continuing to operate without costly interruptions. The new VIP® control system supplied here regulates the melting signals by using a single control board. It has a revolutionary over-voltage protection circuit, an alternating current solid-state circuit protection, and employs high capacity semiconductors for regulating the furnace coil frequency.”

He adds, “the Melt-Manager® control system is able to perform a full range of diagnostic checks on itself, the VIP® power supply and the melting furnace each time the VIP® is started. These tests will detect problems before full power is applied to protect the equipment from damage. In addition, the Melt-Manager® will continue to monitor the operation of the system throughout the full melting cycle.”

Source: castingssa.com.

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