February 12th, 2020

L&R Industries, Inc. Chooses a Thermatool HF Welder and Alpha High Speed Cutoff to Increase Efficiency and Capacity

[November 2019] – L&R Industries, Inc. (“L&R”), a Midwest leader in steel fabrication, has selected Thermatool again, as their equipment supplier for a new mill in their mechanical steel tube division located in Mountain Grove, MO. L&R chose Thermatool equipment because of its industry-leading combination of technology, speed, and accuracy along with Thermatool’s ability to customize its solutions to L&R’s complex needs.

Thermatool provided a 300 kW CFI High Frequency Welder and a new Alpha Mach 2 High Speed Flying Shear Cutoff to L&R, which were both installed in late 2019. Thermatool also installed a non-contact laser velocimeter for L&R – a new option for the Alpha Cutoff that offers 1 millimeter (or less) in cut length accuracy. L&R has experienced such accurate product cut lengths that no second or third handling of the final product has been required – significantly improving quality control of products produced. Tube ready to ship right off the mill, a hallmark of Alpha cutoff value.

Visit Thermatool.com to read the full press release.

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