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Dec 20, 2018

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In an era of environmental consciousness and cost reduction, the fundamental physics of electromagnetic induction make it a highly attractive heat-treatment (and general thermal-processing) method. Induction heating is a direct heating method in which thermal energy is generated within the heated component – as opposed to transferred to it from the environment. Because induction heating results in both surface and subsurface heat generation, rapid heating and high thermal efficiency are generally achievable.

Induction heat-treatment processes also typically deliver high electromagnetic efficiency. For hardening ferromagnetic materials such as carbon steels and martensitic stainless steels, this efficiency is often on the order of 70-80% (for tempering such materials, this figure can approach 90%). Induction hardening also does not involve the diffusion of chemicals into components. For this reason, induction is often considered a “cleaner” hardening method relative to thermo-chemical alternatives such as carburizing and nitriding.

The full article, written by Inductoheat Inc.’s Collin A. Russell, can be found on IndustrialHeating.com.

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