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Oct 23, 2017

Industrial Heating Magazine

IndustrialHeating.com - State of the Industry 2017

Industrial Heating, with assistance from BNP Media Market Research, has released their annual State of the Thermal-Processing Industry Report for 2017. The report identifies job satisfaction, average hours worked, professional development, and new technologies.

To obtain the results, Industrial Heating polled qualified subscribers on multiple industry and job-related issues.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW (IndustrialHeating.com)
37% of respondents make more than $100,000/year
49% of respondents work, on average, 40-45 hours per week
61% of respondents are extremely satisfied with their job
67% of respondents’ companies are either willing to be on the leading edge willing to be an early leader when it comes to embracing new technology

To view the full report, please visit IndustrialHeating.com.

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