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Nov 22, 2017

Heat Treat Today

HeatTreatToday.com - Induction Hardening Tips from Dr. Valery Rudnev

Induction scan hardening is a popular technique for strengthening various steels, cast irons, and powder metallurgy components. Induction scan hardening is used to harden flat surfaces or irregular shapes, such as rails, bumpers, support beams, track shoes for earth moving machines, and teeth of large gears. However, this method is most frequently used for hardening surfaces of cylindrically shaped components, such as shafts, pins, and raceways. In scan hardening, the inductor or workpiece or both moves linearly relative to each other during the hardening cycle.

For tips on when to chose a vertical scanner vs. a horizontal scanner, setting up scan hardening systems, quenching challenges, and maximizing process flexibility of induction scanners, please visit HeatTreatToday.com to read the full article.

To read more from Dr. Valery, please visit his Professor Induction blog on Inductoheat.com.

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