June 7th, 2019

Computer Modeling Single-Shot Induction Hardening Of A Power Transmission Shaft

Computer modeling is used in induction hardening process design to improve component quality including hardness, beneficial stress distributions, and reduced distortion.

Zhichao (Charlie) Li* and B. Lynn Ferguson, FASM,* Dante Solutions Inc., Cleveland, and Collin Russell* and Valery Rudnev, FASM,* Inductoheat Inc., Madison Heights, Mich.

The automotive industry is implementing lightweighting initiatives in vehicle design to meet more stringent federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy regulations. New component designs involve material removal resulting in complex geometries containing longitudinal and/ or transverse holes, grooves, shoulders, flanges, diameter changes, undercuts, teeth, splines, and more. Many of these components with complex shapes are surface hardened using induction hardening (Fig. 1). Four induction methods routinely used are scan, continuous or progressive, static, and single shot hardening [1] .