June 8th, 2019

Computer Modeling of Induction Heating Processes – Part 2

Dr. Valery Rudnev, FASM – Inductoheat Inc., Madison Heights, Mich.

Part 1 of this article covered the critical aspects of the computer modeling of induction heating processes. Common misassumptions were covered as well as answers about the use of finite element analysis and why some commercial modeling software has limitations. This final installment continues to provide tips about the computer modeling of induction heating.

In a fast-paced global economy, the ability of induction heating manufacturers to minimize time between a customer’s request for a quotation and a prepared quote based on efficeient computer modeling is critical to a company’s success. A competitive industrial environment does not offer the luxury of several days of waiting in order to obtain the results of computer modeling. Rather, reliable modeling results are needed within a few hours.