Inductoheat, Inc.

Inductoheat, one of the 40 companies of Inductotherm Group, leads the world in induction heating technologies based on a culture of innovation. It started with our revolutionary induction power supply design more than 40 years ago—and continues with our current series of breakthrough technologies.

We’re proud of what our engineers have brought to the industry, including . . .

  • advanced independent frequency and power inverters
  • digital process monitoring and SPC software solutions
  • advanced billet and bar induction heating systems, and
  • predictive numerical calculation applications.

All supported by 24-hour field service and technical seminars that provide state-of-the-art training on induction technologies.

At Inductoheat, we’re committed to a mission: helping our customers succeed in owning and managing their own induction heating equipment in order to improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of their manufacturing operations.

* Banner photo courtesy of Doug Brown



Inductoheat, Inc.

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Madison Heights, MI 48701

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