Inductotherm is the worldwide leader in induction technology. Inductotherm equipment are the most advanced melting, heating, holding and pouring systems for virtually all metal and material processing including, gray and ductile iron, steel, copper and copper-based alloys, aluminum, zinc, reactive metals, precious metals, silicon, and graphite heating, as well as numerous other special applications. Inductotherm brand equipment also includes a complete line of induction equipment for melting, heating, coating, galvanizing and galvanealing on a continuous basis, primarily for the steel industry. With proven technology for every melt shop need, only Inductotherm brand can offer you efficient, reliable and effective systems to give you the competitive edge.

  • Rail and Roll Mill Hardening

  • Slab, Bloom and Transfer Bar Heaters

  • ARMS® (Automated Robotic Melt Shop Systems)

  • Automated Pouring Systems

  • Induction Holding Furnaces

  • Induction Melting Furnaces

  • Galvanizing Pots

  • Strip Heaters