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Strip Heating and Coating Systems
Galvannealing and Edge Heating
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Inductotherm is the pioneer in heating for the galvannealing process using STATITRON® high frequency, transistorized inverters.  In addition, Inductotherm's UNIGAL™ galvanneal systems feature the patented doorless inductor.  Inductotherm has also developed the UNIEDGE™, a patented edge heating system which uses an inductor that automatically and without any movement adjusts to a change of strip dimensions.


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U.S. Location -

Inductotherm Corp.

10 Indel Avenue
P.O. Box 157
Rancocas, NJ 08073-0157

phone:   609-267-9000
fax:          609-267-3537



Europe Location - 

79 Rue P.J. Antoine
B-4040 Herstal



phone:   32-4-248-9411
fax:          32-4-264-3549


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