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To help integrated mill and mini-mill operators handle the high cost and questionable supply of ferrous scrap and pig iron, an Inductotherm Group company builds systems for the production and use of more economical materials.

Many high quality specialty steels and aerospace superalloys are produced and refined using today’s most advanced air, vacuum and controlled atmosphere melting systems. Inductotherm Group companies are the leading suppliers of these systems worldwide.

Before a single slab, bloom, bar or billet moves from the casting mill to the rolling mill, it must be reheated. Inductotherm Group companies are the industry leaders in the thermal processing of semi-finished products. Providing the rolling mill with a continuous supply of uniformly heated steel slabs, billets, bars and blooms at the proper temperature is crucial to efficient mill operations. An Inductotherm Group company builds gas-fired and electric induction systems able to heat the industry’s largest slabs.

For coating steel strip, Inductotherm Group companies make the thermal systems that do the job. These include batch and in-line strip annealing and cooling systems, strip heaters, boost heaters, Zinc, Galvalume® and Aluminum coating pots, pre-melting furnaces, temporary holding pots, tin-reflow systems, paint dryers and anti-fingerprint systems.

Blacksmiths have long understood that heating steel to the proper temperature is the key to forging it into the desired shape. Inductotherm Group companies bring today’s most advanced thermal technologies to mankind’s oldest process for shaping steel.

Manufacturing steel pipe and tube involves many thermal and mechanical processes, including heating, welding, annealing, cutting, and bundling. Inductotherm Group companies build the systems that do all of these jobs efficiently, rapidly and economically.

From the thinnest steel wires to the largest steel pipes, Inductotherm Group companies provide the production tools manufacturers need to achieve high levels of productivity and efficiency.

Vacuum and controlled atmosphere melting systems built by Inductotherm Group companies are used for the world’s most technically demanding casting applications. Many of these are key processes for the aerospace industry and include refractory-free melting and single crystal (SC), equiax and directional solidification (DS) casting.

Inductotherm Group companies supply melting systems to steel foundries and investment casters worldwide. Inductotherm melting technology offers high energy efficiency, environmental cleanliness and superior metal quality.

Heating steel does more than make it easier to shape. It changes its physical properties, such as strength, hardness and flexibility. Inductotherm Group companies offer highly automated and precise heating as well as heating and quenching systems designed to produce the desired properties in steel products.

From mild steel and high tensile carbon steel to boron steel and austenitic and ferritic stainless steels, Inductotherm Group companies offer a range of cutting tools that work with virtually every type of metal/material.

While all of the Inductotherm Group companies offer their customers the highest level of technical and service support, providing engineering, installation and repair service is the principal business of several companies in the Group.  These companies have facilities in major industrial centers around the world.