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Copper and Copper Alloys
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Induction technology has given copper and copper-alloy producers and casters the ability to melt with precise metallurgical and temperature control, low metal loss, minimal gas pickup and an environmentally clean process.  In foundries and melt shops, automated systems built by an Inductotherm Group company reduce labor costs, increase production and enhance quality.  These include automated charging systems, computerized controls, push-out lining removal mechanisms and automatic pouring systems.

In rolling mills, large, fuel-fired furnaces provide an effective way to reheat copper and brass slabs, bars and billets. One Inductotherm Group company offers a variety of such furnaces as well as a high level of thermal engineering and training expertise to metal producers worldwide. Extruding, piercing and forging all require that copper or brass billets be heated to the proper hot-working temperature. Induction billet heating systems are ideal for this purpose because they provide fast, accurate and repeatable heating. Several Inductotherm Group companies manufacture such systems.


Copper and brass are widely used in the production of tubing for a broad range of applications, from thin-walled tubing for ACR systems to thick-walled tubing used in induction furnace coils. Several Inductotherm Group companies, including the world’s leading and largest manufacturer of induction heating systems, build a full line of induction annealing systems.

Annealing is a key operation in the production of copper wire. In today’s most advanced wire manufacturing processes, induction annealing technology is used as an in-line operation allowing greater speed and precision. Several Inductotherm Group companies offer advanced wire annealing systems and wire coating systems.

High frequency induction welding and heating are the preferred methods to produce welded tubing from copper strip. The Inductotherm Group includes the company that is the global leader in developing and manufacturing induction technology and equipment for producing welded tubing from copper strip. It has more than 3,000 tube welding installations worldwide.

Thermal processes play an important role in manufacturing products from copper and copper-based alloys. Because of its speed and precision, induction heating technology is ideal for many of these operations. In some cases, the thermal processing of many metals is best done in a vacuum or controlled atmosphere. The Inductotherm group includes the world’s leading manufacturer of these highly advanced systems, with its installations accounting for more than half the vacuum furnaces around the globe.

Cutting metal is an integral part of many manufacturing processes. Inductotherm Group companies offer a variety of technologies and equipment engineered to quickly, accurately and cleanly cut copper and brass billets, bars, rods, and tubing of all dimensions.

All Inductotherm Group companies offer their customers the industry's highest level of technical support and service, but for several companies in the group, providing such services is their principal business.  These companies operate well-equipped facilities located at major industrial centers around the world, providing field service worldwide.