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Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
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Converting alumina into pure aluminum and ultimately into useful aluminum alloys is an energy intensive process. That’s why energy efficient furnaces manufactured by Inductotherm Group companies have proven their value at primary aluminum plants around the world.

With their broad range of furnace technologies, including fuel-fired furnaces and induction furnaces, several Inductotherm Group companies are the industry leaders in melting and holding systems for secondary aluminum production and aluminum can recycling.

From preheating and homogenizing aluminum slabs to annealing aluminum coils, Inductotherm Group companies offer the best thermal processing technologies for every rolling mill application.

Inductotherm Group companies manufacture the world’s most technologically advanced furnaces for sand, permanent mold, and die casting operations. These range from large capacity melters to small furnaces designed for use at the casting station. New technologies, such as direct electric heat melting and semi-solid casting systems, are being pioneered by the Inductotherm Group companies.

Preheating aluminum billet, bar and rod stock prior to extrusion makes the metal easier to form and less likely to fracture. The Inductotherm Group offers thermal systems engineered to accomplish this heating with speed and precision.

The Inductotherm Group’s forging technology team has developed new concepts in induction billet heating systems for forging.

Aluminum tubing is produced either by welding aluminum strip or by extruding or drawing aluminum rods. Inductotherm Group companies manufacture thermal systems for both production processes. Other companies in the group build systems for annealing both tubing and wire.

Aluminum wire is produced through the drawing process. Inductotherm Group companies manufacture thermal systems for the wire industry.

Vacuum and controlled atmosphere brazing, de-oiling, induction joining and heating are just some of the manufacturing processes offered by the Inductotherm Group companies.

All Inductotherm Group companies offer their customers the industry's highest level of technical support and service, but for several companies in the group, providing such services is their principal business.  These companies operate well-equipped facilities in major industrial centers around the world, providing field service worldwide.