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Inductotherm Group companies build equipment and provide services for primary and secondary aluminum production, as well as for virtually every type of aluminum thermal manufacturing process, from casting to coating.

From the moment copper ore is excavated from the earth until it is shipped as finished product, a variety of thermal processes are used to change the metallurgical properties and physical shapes of copper-based metals. Inductotherm Group companies play a major role in manufacturing the quality equipment used in these essential processes.

The technological strength and organizational flexibility of Inductotherm Group companies are helping meet the thermal processing needs of virtually every part of the steel making and steel manufacturing industries.

When a casting can just as easily come from China, Brazil, Spain or the United States, it is often the quality, productivity and efficiencies provided by Inductotherm Group companies' equipment that give foundries and melt shops the competitive edge needed to meet the challenges of the international castings market. Inductotherm Group companies manufacture equipment designed for virtually every iron melting, holding, pouring and heating operation.

The decorative, monetary and industrial applications for precious metals are as diverse as the special qualities inherent in these materials. Induction melting and heating technologies from Inductotherm Group companies are helping precious metals miners, refiners, remelters and manufacturers maximize the operational efficiencies of their thermal processes by offering significant advantages over fuel-fired systems.

Silicon, the most common element on earth, is used in many industries and processes in various levels of purity.  Silicon is widely used in semiconductors and solar panels, but must be refined to a high level of purity in order to be the most efficient.  Inductotherm Group companies manufacture melting, refining and casting equipment for the semiconductor and solar industries.